Fresh Produce, Part I

When I think about the return of summer, I think about longer days, less schooling, planting flowers, wearing sandals – all kinds of lighter, brighter happenings on a daily basis. Summer also brings the opening of farmers’ markets, where the freshest produce and the best locally-made foodstuffs can be found. It’s gratifying to shop a farmers’ market and bring home healthy food for your family while at the same time supporting your neighbor who produced it. It’s a blessing of the season, one to take advantage of whenever possible.

When I think about the return of summer, I also think about the return of local homeschooling conventions. State-level homeschool organizations, such as NICHE here in Iowa or AFHE in Arizona, bring out their freshest teaching ideas along with the best, most relevant local homeschooling information so that homeschooling families can “stock up” for the next school year. It can be satisfying,  and even relieve anxieties, to go to a local convention and then bring home the information your homeschool needs. And in the same way that buying from your neighbors at a farmers’ market supports their enterprises, so also attending your local convention supports your state-level homeschooling proponents. If you attend your local convention, you reap a blessing of the season and give one back to your fellow homeschoolers in turn.

If you are new to homeschooling, or if you need a “nutritional boost” for your next homeschooling year, consider attending the convention nearest you. Here are links to the websites for the two conventions I mentioned (which are also the two conventions we attended last year):

In the next few days, I’ll be posting more about the benefits of attending a homeschool convention and what I’ve learned from the ones I’ve attended. You can also preview this in my earlier post, Overheard: Overwhelmed (June 2012).

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