Only for a Season: A Letter to a Friend Considering Homeschooling

This is a revised-for-privacy version of a real letter I wrote to a friend. Maybe it will meet you where you’re at:

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Hi, there,

I’m so happy you felt like you could ask me about homeschooling! It just so happens that the law which governs homeschooling in our state has changed within the last 3 months, and it is easier to homeschool now than ever, at least from a legal or paperwork standpoint.

The more difficult question is whether you want to try homeschooling in your family, or just “tough it out” until you can move to a new school district, since you don’t like the one you are in. I think that you COULD teach your child at home, if you want to try. There are many, many curriculum packages that you can purchase, and many of them also come with step-by-step lesson plans and/or basic guidelines for how to work through the curriculum. Some websites for curriculum would be — which sells a package for each grade level — or — which sells many different curricula.

I’ll also refer you to my blog, which doesn’t have many articles, but may have a couple which would help. May 2012 and June 2012 at have posts relevant to starting up homeschooling.

Well — so the short answer is — yes, you ARE able to do it, if it fits your family. And yes, your child can go back to public school if and when you move. Homeschooling can be something you do for only a season of life.

Look at some of these websites I’ve mentioned and do some reading, and then see if you have other questions you’d like to ask. I’d be happy to meet you for coffee or something, if you’d like, or meet at a park so our kids can play, if you’d like to talk in person.

Happy homeschool hunting ,

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