Always Beginning Again

After several years of neglect, this blog has summoned my attention again. Not that it had any momentum before, or that I had a particular cause to promote or life to share — just that I like to write in the moments when I have something to say. Some people speak their thoughts more readily, and I more readily write.

I hope that this blog is the primary thing I’ve neglected since I last added to it. It seems that my family and I have been beginning again, starting anew, for the last few… years! In the summer of 2014, my 3 boys and I moved to Arizona, leaving my husband in the Midwest to sell our house and join us in a couple of months. Those “couple” of months turned into 6, and the house only sold after 10 months. Our new beginning turned into a whole year of beginning again. After that year, prolonged beginnings, with starts and stops, seem normal. Why not start writing again in this kind of format, if it moves me now?

We human beings are always beginning again — is it a new hobby? Is it a new stage with our children? Is it a new weight loss program, job, a new school, or, as in our case as homeschoolers — a new homeschooling curriculum?

Always beginning again… what is new for us now? We’ve been through the new of a new town, new home, new friends, new church, and for me, a new opportunity to teach German, and now they are already past. New friends are becoming not-so-new (but not yet old) friends, and after 2 years of teaching German for homeschooling families, that opportunity is also completed. It has run its course.

On to the new course of starting a homeschool co-op with some of said “not-so-new” friends! On to a new job which creates new schedules at home and a need for new curriculum! On to the next step because there is no place to go other than onward…

We are always beginning again, no matter how settled we become. It is part of this existence we know, and it is also somehow a preparation and prelude for that post-life existence we have yet to know.

And yet we can know the One who invented beginnings and newness; He makes all things, and He makes all things new (2 Corinthians 5:17, Revelations 21:5). Even if we are — even if I am — always beginning again, the Creator of Newness stays the same.

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